KOREA 2017: Seoraksan National Park

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My third trip to Korea wasn’t just seeing new places, but also revisiting old ones which we didn’t explore as much on the first time (like Songdo on my previous post). One of those is Seoraksan National Park.

KOREA 2017: Third Time’s A Charm

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Third time’s a charm? I only say so because I failed to achieve my goal of taking higher quality photos on my first 2 visits to Korea. Now I guess I finally got it right on the 3rd time!

AUSTRALIA 2017: Airbnb cheaper than hostels? Tips on How To Find Cheap Accommodation


In this age, travelers already have so many options to help plan dream vacations and trips. We have all these third-party travel booking websites at our disposal such as, Booking, Agoda, and the like, and they really make our lives easier. But when they fail us? Well, thank God for Airbnb!

AUSTRALIA 2017: Canberra


Lunch at 4pm at the Australian capital? Easy! That’s what you get from days of exhausting activities. We planned to leave at 8am, but we woke up very late so we were only able to depart at past 9am.

KOREA 2016: DMZ – Demilitarized Zone


Wasn’t able to go to the Korea Demilitarized Zone on our first visit to South Korea, and so we made sure to make it happen this time. 

KOREA 2016: National Museum of Korea & War Memorial of Korea


When I travel, museums are always on my list of to-visit places. Oh how I just love museums. I get all ecstatic inside, like a kid in a candy shop! 😀

KOREA 2015: Jangchung Gymnasium & Kyung Hee University

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Right after wandering around Gwanghwamun Plaza and Gyeongbokgung Palace, we then made our way to lunch at Namdaemun Market. Unfortunately, I don’t have any shots of that because our Korean companions warned us of snatchers. Oh well, better safe than sorry. We instead, just made the most out of our very limited time for shopping.

VIETNAM 2014: Saigon


Our early morning JetStar flight to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) was very exciting. As the airport slowly came alive, the queues started to build up, we wondered why our flight schedule still wasn’t flashed on the screens. We asked some airport people but they only told us to wait…over and over again. Next thing we knew, our flight was already boarding! We almost missed our flight! But thank God for some people who helped us and let us cut through the line. And boy was the run from check-in to the gate, long! Haha

KOREA 2015: Sudoguksan Museum of Housing and Living


Part of the mission of our trip was to immerse ourselves in Korean culture. So we went to this museum in Incheon, situated on top of a hill — Sudoguksan Museum of Housing and Living.