KOREA 2017: Central Park, Songdo

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Unrecognizable. But in a good way. 

KOREA 2017: Third Time’s A Charm

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Third time’s a charm? I only say so because I failed to achieve my goal of taking higher quality photos on my first 2 visits to Korea. Now I guess I finally got it right on the 3rd time!

KOREA 2016: N Seoul Tower


Here we are getting locked on to love at the N Seoul Tower

Korea 2016: Happy ever after in Everland


Like the DMZ, we also weren’t able to visit Everland in our first trip to Korea. But it seems, we really do get a happy ever after in the end. 

KOREA 2016: DMZ – Demilitarized Zone


Wasn’t able to go to the Korea Demilitarized Zone on our first visit to South Korea, and so we made sure to make it happen this time. 

KOREA 2016: National Museum of Korea & War Memorial of Korea


When I travel, museums are always on my list of to-visit places. Oh how I just love museums. I get all ecstatic inside, like a kid in a candy shop! 😀

KOREA 2016: Seoraksan National Park


Left very early in the morning and we drove 5 hours to get to this beaut at the opposite side of South Korea (opposite to Incheon), the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seoraksan National Park. 

KOREA 2016: Jeju Island


You might have seen some of the stunning, romantic scenery on this island in your favorite Korean dramas, and I never thought I’d actually get to go there in my lifetime.

KOREA 2016: A Korean Wedding


I was back in Korea in less than a year. How even more blessed can I be to get to attend and perform at a wedding too?

KOREA 2016: The Second Time Around


I mentioned in my Korea 2015 article that Korea was never really a country I wanted to visit. But my first time there changed everything. Unexpectedly, in less than a year, I was back. Indeed, things really are sweeter the second time around.

KOREA 2015: Gyeongbokgung Palace & Gwanghwamun Plaza

Built in 1395, it probably is the most iconic landmark in Seoul, South Korea. The Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbok Palace, was home to the Kings of the Joseon Dynasty. It also served as the seat of government for centuries.

KOREA 2015: Music Ministry

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A couple years ago, we, the New Life Sounds Choir met a Korean pastor, Pastor Yang, who frequently visits Cebu for missions. He invited us to visit Korea on a music ministry mission. Well, it seemed like everything came into place, and so we did.

KOREA 2015: Central Park at Songdo International Business District


A newly-built city on 600 hectares of reclaimed land, Songdo is aesthetically very similar to Singapore and our Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Replicas of architectural hallmarks, including New York City’s Central Park and Venice’s waterways, are in incorporated. 

KOREA 2015: Sudoguksan Museum of Housing and Living


Part of the mission of our trip was to immerse ourselves in Korean culture. So we went to this museum in Incheon, situated on top of a hill — Sudoguksan Museum of Housing and Living.

KOREA 2015: Inha University & Jung-Seok Memorial Library


On our first morning, the shower heater was having some problems, so we had no choice but to take a bath in freezing water.

Korea 2015


I never thought I’d actually be able to visit Korea, ever. It’s a place I am somehow quite uninterested about. The least I can think of. Add to that, the extreme influence of Korean pop culture (not a fan. Well, except for some soap operas) on a lot of Filipinos. Sorry to say this, but because of that, I had actually grown kinda irritated by the idea of anything Korean. Read on to know how that sourness turned to love.