TAIWAN 2018: Taichung Saxophones, Art, & Color

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What is one important city in Taiwan that you’ve never heard of before?

Right. Taichung.

We were trying to think of things to do or places to go for our last day in Taiwan, and we agreed on Taichung.

Taichung is the 2nd most populated city in Taiwan, and is a major cultural and arts hub. My brother had been meaning to visit a saxophone factory in Taichung that’s located about 160 kilometers outside of Taipei. But we thought making the trip would be quite costly just for that.

We would’ve wanted to take the bullet train but we weren’t sure how to get around the city once we got there. Booking our previous car rental for the trip proved more beneficial so we’d have something to move along with in our own time and it also came out cheaper than taking the bullet train.

We had our previous driver’s brother to drive us that day, and we also had an even better van with charging outlets! One of the best things to have in a long drive!


First, we made our way to the internationally-acclaimed saxophone maker–Weissenberg’s headquarters in Taichung. We were welcomed very warmly by the son of the company’s founder and owner, who is a friend of my brother. There, my brother got to test out some of their premium saxophones. Even away on a trip abroad, the owner made sure we were accommodated. They bought us drinks. Large milk teas of course! Because, Taiwan. haha



Weissenberg Headquarters, Taichung


Lunch was at this popular restaurant for tourists. I could see why. It is a museum in itself featuring antiques and other quirky effects. It’s built to resemble old Taichung, complete with colonial-era store fronts giving you a glimpse of old Taiwan life. So fascinating!



Awwe. Just like the typical sari-sari store in the streets of the Philippines





We proceeded to the ultra-modern, avant-garde National Taichung Theater. I assume its design features 1960’s style, because its interiors look quite similar to the iconic TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. My inner architect was screaming! ❤



The roof deck was out of this world!




Our last destination was probably the only spot we knew of Taichung, the considerably popular Rainbow Village, photos of which you have probably already seen on Instagram. Of course, we had to make it there for the ‘Gram! haha The Rainbow Village is a small compound with abstract paintings all throughout, from the ground up to the walls. Perhaps after one visit, you will never see color the same way ever again.




The man who built the Rainbow Village



You have no idea how long it took before it was finally my turn to have a shot taken on this particular spot!

We decided to drive back to Taipei early so we could still get some last-minute shopping done. The next day, we wrapped up our wonderful time as siblings, with some friends, away from parents. Flying back home, we deeply had that sense of independence, though blurry. But it is only the beginning.


Day 6

543.50php – Airbnb/pax/night
158ntd       – Lunch at Banana Paradise
25ntd         – Easy card load
1,000ntd    – Car rental with driver (6,000ntd; shared by 6 pax)
50ntd         – Tip for driver (300ntd; shared by 6 pax)
460ntd       – Gifts / Pasalubong
=                   1,693ntd
x                  2 (php per ntd)

=                  3,386php
+                 543.50php (Airbnb)

Day 6 Total =   3,929.50php


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