TAIWAN 2018: Yehliu, Jiufen, & Shifen Day Tour

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The Big 3!

We took a day trip to 3 of the most popular tourist spots in all of Taiwan–Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen Old Street, and Shifen Waterfalls & Old Street.

My friends and I decided to rent a car for the day, which proved wiser than taking a tour package because it cost us less, and we had control over our time which made us free to go at our own pace. But most of the time, in a rush.


We arrived at a very crowded and noisy Yehliu Geopark. Unfortunately, the gloom had already left. Of all days, it was on that day when we were outdoors that the sun chose to show off. As expected, it was hellishly burning in there!! I guess that’s why I don’t have much to say about the place, because I totally just lose the mood whenever I’m exposed to the sun. haha We didn’t even get to meet up with a family friend who was also just in the vicinity at the same time we were because it was just so hot to go around.

While it was an otherworldly place, with cool rock formations that are nothing like I’ve seen before (hello trypophobes!), the crowds (and the sun) just ruined the experience for us, and so we quickly decided to move on to the next destination.







Smiling but hurting deep inside because of the sun! haha





They look like ‘shrooms! And look at that long line of people on the side. All of them are out to see the Queen’s Head


Pose 1


Pose 2

But actually, this was me the whole time! Hiding from the sun. 😀


Prints day



I don’t remember it being a very long drive to get from Yehliu to Jiufen. At least that’s only what I can recall from the period I was awake. Most of us were asleep in the car. haha

Soon enough, we were already at Jiufen. It was lunchtime when we got there so it was also very crowded, like one of your favorite night markets in a major Southeast Asian city. The whole place was riddled with aromas from different kinds of food being sold. We walked for a while and looked for a place to have a meal. After which, was a bit of exploration time and then we proceeded to Shifen Waterfalls and Old Street.









From the parking area, it was a 5-10 minute walk, even crossing a scenic pedestrian bridge to get to the viewing decks of the falls. Though it was crowded, I still loved the vibe. I don’t know. I just always feel a sense of tranquility and peace when I’m by a waterfall or any body of water.

Our last stop was the Shifen Old Street. It was only a few minutes drive from the waterfalls. This is where lots of people light up lanterns on an old railroad. For me, the experience was in the passing of the trains. Time after time, you’d hear people yelling to warn the people of a passing train. You’ll be amazed how quickly hundreds of people can get off the tracks, and get back on just right after the train had passed!



That bridge was shaky!

Cute lantern nightlights ❤


And these sausages were the bomb!!








Names, icons, and a special dedication to our choir, the New Life Sounds Choir, and to our beloved member who has gone on to be with the Lord just a few months prior. Had she been around, I’m sure she would’ve loved to join the trip.







Home by sunset

And that’s it! If you’re planning to visit Taiwan, this is probably one of the things you’ll be doing. Just don’t go in high summer. Taiwan can get very sunny and humid too just like our beloved Philippines.


Day 5

543.50php – Airbnb/pax/night
80ntd         – Yehliu Geopark ticket
25ntd         – Braised Pork lunch at Jiufen
20ntd         – Bottled water
650ntd       – Car rental with driver (3,800ntd; shared by 6 pax)
50ntd         – Sausage on sticks (Shifen)
119ntd       – Mcdonalds dinner
=                  944ntd
x                  2 (php per ntd)

=                  1,888php
+                 543.50php (Airbnb)

Day 5 Total =   2,431.50php

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