KOREA 2017: Kensington Resort Seorak Beach, Sokcho

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So after hours of trekking at Seoraksan National Park, and that rather strange dinner we had (click here for the story), it was such a treat to retire to this lovely beach-side resort–Kensington in Sokcho-si.

Since we didn’t make it to the Korean traditional sauna, Jimjilbang, in time, we just spent the evening exploring the resort grounds. Closed-out, we instead took time to buy some midnight snacks at the convenience store in the complex. We also hurriedly took some photos at the front garden because it was freezing cold and windy (since it’s a beachfront property) but the lighting was too cute to miss!



Immediately after checking-in, we proceeded to our room. It was a 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartment-type complete with a spacious living area and kitchen. But what caught our attention was the roaring sound coming from outside the balcony. When we opened the sliding glass doors, we could see into the open back lawn and beach with the most humongous waves! You could literally feel the rush from the beach all the way up into the balcony. We were facing east directly into Japan, so I knew we would have one, breathtaking sunrise to look forward to! Though in the morning, the waves were considerably calmer, but they were still high enough to surf it!


Isn’t that LOVE!


Take a closer look into love 🙂





The resort’s back facade


Sneakin’ in a quick photo in the freezing cold!



After catching the sunrise and dressing up, we lined up at the restaurant for our buffet breakfast even when it was still closed. We were very hungry as we didn’t quite get what we had for dinner the night before remember? haha





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