KOREA 2017: Central Park, Songdo

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Unrecognizable. But in a good way. 

It was in 2015 when we first visited this very newly developed city, Songdo. Now 2 years later, we were shocked at the immense speed of development in the area. Many new buildings are erected, light fixtures, restaurants, and water activities along the man-made river. It had just been a quiet little, upscale city. But now with the throngs of people, it has definitely become a livelier community. (Read up on my 2015 article)

Majestic as ever ❤


There also are more plants and trees now, and can you believe, a mini deer zoo right in the middle of it all! What’s even more amazing, is that tiny rabbit island!


The caption for this photo, is the photo below. 🙂



Songdo has definitely been becoming bigger and better! I just hope they get to maintain the cleanliness and security around. Now I wonder what new things there will be on our next visit, just like that photo below!

unnamed (12)

That’s a baby in a baby wagon being pulled by a remote-controlled toy car!


Young’uns’ day out!



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