KOREA 2017: Third Time’s A Charm

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Third time’s a charm? I only say so because I failed to achieve my goal of taking higher quality photos on my first 2 visits to Korea. Now I guess I finally got it right on the 3rd time!

For the past 2 years, we have been traveling to Korea in springtime. For a change, we decided on Autumn. Spring and autumn for me, are of different, yet equal beauty. They both give off a unique aesthetic which I find very charming. Spring, for its colorful blooms, and autumn for some captivating earth tones. But being an introvert myself, deeply drawn to gloom, I prefer autumn. It’s just enchanting. I know, I’m weird. haha

So keep up with my posts, as I take you to some of the roads less traveled by tourists; sharing with you experiences rather than mere sites.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Korea for the 3rd time.

unnamed (2)


For a look back on my previous trips, check out 2015 and 2016.

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