KOREA 2017: The 3rd New Life Sounds Choir Korean Tour

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It seems just like last year when we first stepped foot in Korea . Yet here we are now, we’ve just gotten back from our third music ministry tour in the land which we can now somehow call home.

(Link to our first tour. Music Ministry 2015)

No words can describe how amazingly great God has been to the New Life Sounds Choir (NLS). At over 30 years now, NLS is probably one of the longest-standing ministries of Maranatha Christian Fellowship – Cebu. And I dare say, one of the hardest working! We prepare and rehearse for every cantata or show, season after season. Non-stop. Whole year round. Sounds exhausting? Very much. A week of break or two in a year, that’s just usually there is. But I’ve personally realized, ministry (meaning service; or to serve) doesn’t stop. The world continues revolving, and every day comes with the need for us to share our faith to the billions out there who are lost.

I cannot boast because we aren’t the best choral group (if you only knew us 😉 ) that’s at par with others more fit for a tour. But God is faithful. When you surrender yourself to Him, He will equip you with everything you need to do His will, for His honor and glory. And indeed, as stated in Proverbs 18:16, “Your gifts will make room for you.”

Unlike the first 2, our 3rd tour in Korea was more packed with performances in a very short duration. We did 6 or 7-ish performances in 9 days! Of course, with a lot of sight-seeing on the side. We were surprised. Pastor Yang ChiHo of Incheon Sungkwang Presbyterian Church (our host) organized everything like a professional concert promoter!

I cannot forget having to perform right on the day we arrived, 40 minutes under the noon sun, with a very early morning call-time. It was right at the mouth of Gwangmyeong Cave. They were having their annual wine festival and they had a line-up of artists performing for the whole celebration. So honored to be one of them! The venue was great. Also a stage with the largest LED wall I have seen in my life! 5 storeys high!





The next day, we sang at the 2 services of Incheon Sungkwang Presbyterian Church.

unnamed (1)


We were also so privileged to have been invited to minister at a church in Changwon, Busan. So we traveled all the way to Busan for that. Not on a train though, as it was pretty pricey. So we have none of those “Train To Busan” moments. Kidding! haha The bus was great, with our usual never-ending dose of laughter!






One of the most nerve-wracking was our performance in Inha University. We were invited by a professor to perform for his students in the main auditorium of the university. Talk about panic!

unnamed (4)


unnamed (2)

On our last Sunday, we ministered once again at the services of Sungkwang.

Well, I am just left in awe of what God has done in each of our lives, and what He can do in the coming days. These past couple of years, He has opened opportunities for us through Pastor Yang. We are just extremely blessed.

To everyone in Korea who has served us, Pastor Yang ChiHo, Mrs. Yang, Mr. Kim 1, Mr. Kim 2, Mr. Kim 3, Mr. Park, Mr. Lee, Pastor Park, Pastor Lee of Changwon, Busan, the Agape Mission Team, Mr. Cho, James, Hansol, all the youth, and all the other members of Incheon Sungkwang Presbyterian Church, thank you. Thank you for being so self-less, and for showing us what having a heart of servanthood means. It is very humbling, and we are forever grateful. With a family like you, we are now so confident to call Korea home. You never fail to amaze. ❤ Also, Korea seems to always have so many new things every single year!

Tell me, isn’t it a privilege to serve a wonderful God? He is faithful!


3 thoughts on “KOREA 2017: The 3rd New Life Sounds Choir Korean Tour

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