AUSTRALIA 2017 (Restaurant Review): Fancy the view at the fancy Sydney Tower Buffet


It’s almost every person’s goal to travel cheap. While others like to take it hardcore, some can settle for, at least, comfortable. It’s another thing for the privileged who travel lavishly. Some want all things fine, it’s so absurd it’s unforgivable. While others, want just enough.

I’m always frugal with my spending, being even more careful when traveling. But every time I travel, I always make room for both down-to-earth and luxurious, trying out the bests every destination has to offer.

As a family, we indulged at the Sky Bar of Lebua State Tower in Bangkok, and Ku De Ta restaurant atop the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Now, there’s no missing the Sydney Tower Buffet.

The Sydney Tower Buffet is a revolving restaurant at one of the country’s most prominent skyscrapers–the 1,013ft. Sydney Tower Eye.


Outside Westfield Shopping Centre


What a beauty!



First, you pay for your reservation at the reception area inside Westfield Shopping Centre right below the tower (I forgot what floor, but if I remember it right, it’s in front of Chanel boutique). It’s not one of those cheap eats. It’s pricey at a rate of $75AUD (almost 3,000php) per person. But nevermind, we were looking forward to the experience.

You get in one of the high-speed (45 seconds to the top!) elevators, and when you’re there, a stunning view greets you.



Overlooking Hyde Park and St. Mary’s Cathedral

The circular restaurant revolves very slowly, only completing a whole 360-degree turn in an hour. So no, it’s not at all nauseating. However, getting around the restaurant, the buffet stations and your seats, is pretty disorienting, as the view seemingly changes very quickly.

As expected, after having read some reviews online, the food really wasn’t the best for the buck. Or shall I say, not worth it’s price. Well, it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t so good either. There also wasn’t much in their buffet, compared to how long the menu looks up on their website. But it definitely was pleasing to find some Australian meat like, crocodile, kangaroo, and emu chipolatas (sausages) in the spread. They aren’t the typical dishes you’d randomly order in a restaurant. Well, you get to try them there. I just wished the kangaroo meat was a little bit more tender.

**I have no photos of the food. I ate at another buffet place and I was told by some attendant that taking photos of the food was prohibited, and so I just took caution this time around.

Some stuff I found noteworthy were the seafood and appetizer stations. The seafood station had prawns, mussels, and rock oysters. They were all JUMBO in size, which is pretty common in Australia.

For the mains, I was more drawn to my fatty comfort food–calamari, potato wedges, and roasted garlic baby potatoes which I thought were perfectly seasoned for my taste. I tried all of the others, but nothing was quite spectacular. The glazed BBQ belly was good though as it tasted very much like the Filipino Humba.

The dessert station was also somehow disappointing. The choices were so generic. Some of the items, one could just find in some 3rd-rate hotel restaurant–the common panna cottas, puddings, and tarts. But I enjoyed me some ice cream! I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream?! I was also very satisfied with the good selection of cheese, crackers, and dried fruits. Add to that their assortment of charcuterie from the appetizer station. All I needed was a glass of wine, and then it’s like I’m transported to a tapas bar and deli in the middle of Europe.

I also loved every bit of our dinner view. Even more, when dusk hit and the city was all lit up.



The Sydney Tower Buffet may not have very excellent food, but their service is impeccable. I just have to put that out there. Their multi-cultural, and good-looking staff relate very well to every diner. Courteous, clean, and fast.



I definitely recommend this place to everyone visiting Sydney, not for the food, but for the stunning 360-degree view from the revolving restaurant. Not like any other!

We capped the night by taking a long hike to digest everything we ate. We went down to Pyrmont Bridge, all the way to The Star Casino, and back to Queen Victoria Building (Town Hall Station).


This large woven art covered a whole building wall!!


Some random delivery guy on a bike. I wonder what’s inside!


Pyrmont Bridge




The Star Casino


The Queen Victoria Building looking so majestic at night

Sydney Tower Buffet

Lunch daily
11.30am – 2.30pm
*Dining times: 1.5 hours

Dinner daily
5.00pm – 9.00pm
*Dining times: 1.5 hours

Rates (in AUD; 2017):

Monday – Thursday $60.00
Friday – Sunday & Public Holidays $65.00

Monday – Thursday $75.00
Friday – Sunday & Public Holidays $85.00

Children (3 – 12 years inclusive): $27.50

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