AUSTRALIA 2017: Hillsong

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Who doesn’t know Hillsong? 

As a Christian, and as a church musician, I somehow grew up listening to songs by Hillsong, especially those by Darlene Zscech. I thought it was just contained in the church, but little did I know, it was even more popular in the secular. My non-Christian friends knew more Hillsong songs than I did. And knowing that makes me so happy!

Anyway, we only had 1 Sunday on Australian soil. And of course, you’re already in Sydney, so it’ll be a shame if you won’t be able to make the trip to Hillsong church. So we really made sure to clear everything to make time to do so. My family and our friends agreed on attending the 11am service at the Hills Campus (the main/original center).

It was so surreal to finally be right where the Hillsong music originated. Songs I just used to sing many years ago! There was only one thing though. I’m so used to intense, extravagant, wild, Spirit-led worship in my home church which usually lasts for an hour, I felt sad how their worship was so short. It only lasted for about 15-20mins. Of course, there’s really nothing wrong with that. I just simply wished it was a little bit longer. “I have not flown yet, but they’ve already landed!” haha Because you know, I guess on the first few minutes, you’re still left in awe from all the spectacle. The lights, the sounds, the thick crowd, and just how massive the place is. Next thing you know, it’s over. But all I can say is, everything about Hillsong is so excellent. They do things at such a standard, it’s so overwhelming. Their greeters are the warmest too!

After the service, we met this young guy from Canada, who was studying at Hillsong College. I forgot his name. But he was so helpful and gracious. He saw us taking photos, and so he offered to take our family photos. He then toured us around the center and took time for a little chit-chat. Next, we fetched some Hillsong CD’s for gifts and for people who asked us to buy for them. We, visitors, were also given some beautiful Bibles. Love them!

We really didn’t have enough of Hillsong. We just had to go back for a second time, the 6pm service. It was even more exciting because the crowd was mostly youth. The p&w was wilder, and louder. A bunch of teenage guys were even the ones manning the traffic at the driveway of the convention centre! Awesome!

I’m just so blessed I got to be there at least once in my lifetime. Special thanks to our family friends, and lovely hosts (“Titas of Sydney” haha), for making it happen for us. For driving us to-and-fro (not to mention, twice!). We’re so grateful. ❤


Welcome card



Closing song




I was here!


A panoramic shot of the church.


With the guy from Hillsong College.


Awesome to see family from our home church in Cebu! Ambong, who was with us in the youth worship team, now resides in Sydney with his family.

For the second time! 6pm service.


Just wanna share this short clip of the closing song with you. So blessed to hear this very popular Hillsong hit, Real Love, live!

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