AUSTRALIA 2017: Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge


When  one thinks of Australia, I’m sure these two are the very first things that will cross your mind. They’re icons, not just of Sydney, but of Australia as a country, which also is a whole continent in itself. Ladies and gents, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Here’s the continuation to my last article (for reference, click here). And as promised, it comes with a breakdown of expenses. Now let’s take off from when we made our way to Sydney CBD. With a Slurpee. 🙂

We got off at probably, one of the busiest train stations in Sydney, the multi-level Town Hall station. It is right under the famed Queen Victoria Building (QVB). It was rush hour when we got there so it was packed with corporate people, students, and tourists (we were one of them), trying to make their way around, home, or wherever. It was all the same on street level, especially that there were anti-Israel protests going on right outside Town Hall, with pro-Israel protesters just amongst them. But it was admirably peaceful.





Town Hall




Touristy flops

Anyway, we were trying to catch the 6pm The Rocks free walking tour, but we didn’t make it as it was already 6:30 when we got to Town Hall. So we just leisurely walked around CBD, passing by Martin Place, taking photographs of the exquisite–Sydney General Post Office with the iconic carvings on its facade, then making it to Circular Quay. From afar, I could already see both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge looking so majestic, with the golden sunset shining upon them. I didn’t expect Sydney summer to be so hot by day, and quite chilly at night. It was very windy too!





I can’t express more of how beautiful everything was. But I hope these photos let you see in my perspective. I know I don’t have the best of photos because I actually don’t bring a nice camera in my travels. I only, always have my trusty iPhone 5s with me.


This place gets packed easily. Also, this probably is the noisiest place in Sydney. haha




Sunset at 8pm!!



One last look before calling it a night

After gallivanting around the vicinity of the Opera House, we took a train back to Town Hall from Circular Quay station, went to a Woolworths supermarket and tried to look for some grub. We ended up buying baguettes that were on closing sale, and just munched on them as we made our way home to Mount Druitt. The bread is/was enough as I usually don’t really feel hungry when traveling. Or my pocket’s just on a diet. 😀

So that wraps up our first day in Sydney. Below is a list of our personal expenses, per pax. *If not listed down, such as accommodation and others, that means we had a host, treat, etc.


FARE (Opal / train):

$18.32 (International Airport-Central-Mount Druitt)
$ 4.52 (Mount Druitt-Town Hall)
$ 4.52 (Circular Quay-Mount Druitt)
= $27.36


$22.50 (3 Indian combo meals, shared; $7.50/meal)
              (divided by 6 pax)
= $ 3.75
$ 1.00 (7-Eleven Coke Slurpee)
   $ 3.00 (baguette)
= $7.75

SIM CARD (Vodafone):

$40.00 (regular price; w/ unltd. calls & texts to all networks, 6gb data, and 90mins overseas calls)
$15.00  (promo)
= $25.00

$27.36 (Fare)
$ 7.75  (Food)
$25.00 (Sim card)

TOTAL = $60.11AUD (total expenses for the day; per pax)

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