KOREA 2016: A Korean Wedding


I was back in Korea in less than a year. How even more blessed can I be to get to attend and perform at a wedding too?

The New Life Sounds Choir was back in Korea for another mission trip, and our host pastor scheduled it so we could attend his only daughter’s wedding.

I’ve performed in at least 400 weddings, Chinese, Indian, even in a secret wedding! But I never experienced a Korean wedding. I did not do prior research about it either as I wanted to be surprised. I just wanted to know how it normally goes in an average, modern Korean wedding.

I never knew Korean weddings were so simple. No bridal entourage, commonly no wedding reception/program (but food is served), and very quick too. No frills, really. Well that kinda weirded me out as we Filipinos, are so used to the spectacular, western kind of weddings; gimmicks and all. Though, it was just so refreshing to see the mothers of the bride and groom wearing their traditional Hanbok. Lovely!

During the ceremony, the groom serenaded his bride with a song. It felt like I was in a real-life Korean soap opera! The groom’s voice was so suave too. The New Life Sounds Choir also did a number at the ceremony.

Anyway, my brother and I couldn’t be any happier to have attended and performed at our very first Korean wedding, on Korean soil. What an honor!



Rushing some photos with the whole family on that very chilly afternoon


Loved their all-white decor


The groom, patiently and excitedly waiting for his bride


Here she comes!



The couple’s parents


Some friends of the couple


Our very first (Australia-based) Korean couple #JohnWaltandAxel

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