KOREA 2015: Jangchung Gymnasium & Kyung Hee University

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Right after wandering around Gwanghwamun Plaza and Gyeongbokgung Palace, we then made our way to lunch at Namdaemun Market. Unfortunately, I don’t have any shots of that because our Korean companions warned us of snatchers. Oh well, better safe than sorry. We instead, just made the most out of our very limited time for shopping.

After Namdaemun Market, we went to Jangchung Gymnasium right in the heart of Seoul, by the entrance of the very luxurious, The Shilla hotel.

Anyway, our host, Ptr. Yang, just wanted to show us that historical 7,000-seater sports/concert arena because for him, it is a binding symbol of Filipino-Korean friendship. Like I mentioned in my Music Ministry article, the Philippines has a long-standing relationship with Korea, not just during the war, but we (Filipinos) also helped rebuild Korea after the war. Along with the US Embassy in Seoul, Filipinos also built the Jangchung Gymnasium in 1963, which is Korea’s very first indoor sports arena under the administration of Pres. Diosdado Macapagal. These things are very humbling to know and also dignifying at the same time, that despite the negative notoriety of Filipinos, we somehow still have left a mark of our humanity in others. I couldn’t be any prouder. (Read here for more historical details)

Through the years, the structure had already been renovated and modernized as you can see below.


On our way back home, we passed by Kyung Hee University. Ptr. Yang wanted to show it to us as that was where he went to school back in the days.

Kyung Hee University is home to so many notable alumni including  members of K-Pop groups Super Junior, Big Bang, among others. Also Korean superstar, Rain.

Ptr. Yang toured us around the campus which he is so proud of. It was just so beautiful with so many picturesque areas. But we didn’t enjoy it to the fullest as we were already so exhausted from all the walking we did that day. If only the campus weren’t so hilly. I guess the heat that day just sucked all the energy out of us.

One of my favorite photos in this trip

Studies first guys

Look at those lovebirds

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