MALAYSIA 2014: Kuala Lumpur


Traveled a little over 4hrs from Butterworth, and arrived in Kuala Lumpur at past 3am, for a day stopover only.

I had already been to Kuala Lumpur (as a side-trip) 11 years before this visit. As a child, I was obsessed (I guess I still am) with architecture, skyscrapers, and all these iconic towers around the world. Kuala Lumpur was definitely on my heart’s map because at that time, they had the world’s tallest buildings, and still remain to be the tallest twin towers, the Petronas Twin Towers.

Anyway, we got off the bus at Kuala Lumpur’s former main bus terminal, Puduraya Bus Terminal (now Pudu Sentral). Our original plan was just to spend the day roaming around KL and wait for the bus trip to Singapore the following night, and we thought checking in at a hotel was a waste of money, so we didn’t intend to do so. But when we arrived in KL in the middle of the night, we were just so exhausted and already dying for a shower. Not one of us has taken a bath for 4ohrs, so my older brother just asked that we just check in at some low-cost hotel, and that he will be the one to pay for it (yay!). So we went looking. You can scan among numerous transient hotels and pension houses in the vicinity of Puduraya since it used to be KL’s major bus hub. We luckily found a very affordable one, with a room that fits 6 but with only a single bathroom. Since there were 6 of us, we only finished freshening up at past 5am. Dawn was just about to break, but we were off to bed. We woke up at lunchtime, and prepared to wander around the city. But our directions were aimed at seeing Petronas Towers once again, and just spend time at Suria KLCC mall. The Petronas Towers were still as majestic and beautiful as when I first saw them. It was like crossing paths with a past love!


Majestic isn’t it?

We had late lunch at KFC, because we were so undecided on where to eat. Just a side comment. I had a piece of chicken paired with bread, and mashed potato, which tasted like soil. It was so weird. :/


Our KFC meal

Just before dusk, we leisurely walked to Chinatown (picture-taking on the side), which was just nearby our hotel. Chinatowns are always so exciting and beautiful with streets adorned with countless neon lights and Chinese banderitas. Street food is everywhere too! We found some delicious hotpots for dinner!


The upscale Pavilion Mall


I just love alleys!




After dinner, we walked back to our hotel to prep our things and just relaxed before our 12am bus trip to Singapore.

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