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From far away, you can smell this street food cooking. It’s unmistakably the Beondegi. Beondegi is a very popular street food in Korea. The brown one on the right corner of the photo, and yes, they’re boiled silkworm larvae!


Sea shells and the Beondegi (silkworm larvae)

But don’t fret, they’re not as nasty as you think (and as it smells). They just look really freaky though. When walking down the streets, I always try to avoid passing by stands that cook/sell them as I don’t really like its smell.

Anyway, I dared to try one. It’s quite crispy on the outside, and kinda juicy/chewy on the inside. It’s actually very tasty, similar to shrimps, crabs, etc. It only gets horrifying when the after-taste starts to kick in. HAHA Well, that’s just me. Glad I had a candy in hand that time, to somehow get the after-taste off.

By the way, I wasn’t able to try those gray sea shells. We have a lot of them here in coastal areas in the Philippines. If someone could tell me what they’re called in Korea, please write it down in the comments section below!

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