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“In the right place, at the right time; doing the right thing.”

A journey through the unexpected.

It’s funny how we’re in-too-deep in this life of music. This was something we never really planned to happen. Music just found its way into our lives.


JW&A 2013

Now in celebration of our 10th anniversary in the industry, I owe you guys an account of how my brother –John Walt, and I,  started doing music professionally. It’s not everyday that I get to talk to you about our cute, humble beginnings.

We had been singing all our lives, and performing at events was something we got to do often. We grew up in a children’s choir ministry in church, and later on, joined the adult choir (New Life Sounds Choir of Maranatha). We also were in the Sunday School and Youth worship team. I guess, those were where we somehow got our first taste and subtle training in music.

“When did we really start?”

Well, that is a question with the most uncertain answer. We really don’t exactly know. So for the sake of technicality, we based our ‘professional start’ on when we were first paid to sing.


In December of 2007, a family friend of ours asked us to perform at her company’s Christmas party. John Walt and I were very young then, so we only had a single song in our repertoire. We each sang one song, and were paid a thousand pesos each. As kids, that was an incredibly big amount to get!

In the next year, more opportunities came for us to sing at events and get love gifts for. A couple of friends’ weddings and parties. Till the turning point in 2009 came.

In April of 2009, another friend invited us to her daughter’s 18th birthday celebration. She is a prominent event planner/stylist and bridal couturier.With that, we knew it was nothing short of grand. We attended the debut party and offered to render a few songs. Little did we know, the songs we sang were her favorites. She was so happy, she invited us to visit her bridal shop a few days after.

And we went.

Guess what, we were in for a surprise as she handed us a large case with folders in it. Each one contained details of every event. She told us to list down all the dates and venues for those events, and that we will be performing in all of them. This was in April, and the list went on till January of the next year! Shocked was an understatement to how we felt! It was very overwhelming, but we were more terrified of the pressure to deliver what was expected of us. But through those events, word just started to spread and that, was what got the ball rolling.

But it definitely wasn’t all smooth-sailing. Being very young and in high school when we started, hectic and erratic schedules were something we always had to deal with. However, we somehow found the balance trying to prioritize our studies, consistently serving in our life-long music ministry with the choir, and at the same time accommodating some gigs on the side. All that and of course, some play time too. Till we both got our degrees, that was life in the course of at least 8 years. A recurring struggle. But it was fun.

In just about any industry, many people are great at what they do. Many esteem us for being that, and for the help we give in making moments and memories beautiful for our clients. And we couldn’t be more humbled.

Others will always have much more talent, more advantage to succeed, while we really just simply honed our crafts. We practiced and we practiced till promotion just befell us. Though certainly, we are not the best out there. But what others fail to grasp is that it’s not about perfection, or being the best, but of excellence. And that is progressive. Even limitless, when your gifts are submitted to the Giver; the Creator. There will always be more to your capabilities when you strive for the best because your best is not all there is. This we know for sure, and we’re able to do more especially that we acknowledge we are surrendered to a higher purpose of being instruments of God’s peace, joy, hope, and love. Seeing our audience have one, two, or all of that is enough reward knowing we’ve lived out God’s purpose for us. Fame or money, is a mere consolation.

Now, 10 years and over 400 events later, having stood before billionaires and rulers, treated like royalty (and sometimes otherwise)… Hundreds of handshakes, a hard drive of photos and songs, buckets of sweat, multiple sore throats, and thousands of people who smiled, wept, laughed, danced, and cheered, at every baptism/christening, birthday, wedding, and funeral… We’re here.

Getting here wasn’t near easy. But all the hard work we put in it is just the surface. We cannot take credit for the force beneath. And this we boldly say, God’s favor and grace kept following us throughout those years.

When you walk in His purpose, God’s divine gifts are a very sobering reminder of His goodness, not because we deserved it or earned it, but we simply believed it would be there, in every endeavor. And it just always caught us…

In the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.


Read more about JW&A below.

John Walt & Axel is a performing duo in the event circuit. Commonly referred to as “Cebu’s Dynamic Duo,” John Walt & Axel are both trained in classical and pop music, and theater. Their repertoire consists mostly of jazz standards, classic love songs, and even modern uptempo hits.

They’re also members of the Gospel choral group, New Life Sounds Choir, and theater company, Repertory of Young Professionals in Theater (or RYPiT).

John Walt & Axel have made a name for themselves in the music and event industry performing to the country’s elite; the Philippines’ biggest names in business and politics.

Over the years, they have shared the stage with popular musicians such as Gabby Concepcion, Juris, Charice, Richard Poon, Daryl Ong, Rex Smith, Kuh Ledesma, among others.

They have also been nominated “Youth of The Year” at ABS-CBN Cebu’s annual MagTV Na Viewers’ Choice Awards.

In records, they have voiced numerous company jingles one has probably heard on the radio, such as Parkmall, Castle Peak Hotel, and the hit, Golden Prince Hotel, to name a few.

John Walt & Axel were also a part of the team that created the viral Youtube short film, “Love At First Plite/Pliti.”

Today, John Walt & Axel offers saxophone, violin, vocal, and DJ performances, and even hosting.

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JW&A 2013



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3 thoughts on “John Walt & Axel

  1. i’ve read your history and found it very inspiring.. didn’t noticed you’re already a big name in the events and performing industry there in cebu until i am done watching most of your youtube performances and seen how great your past perforrmances are. hope you can penetrate manila stage as well coz i believed such performances are worth showing to a much broader and wider arena. hope to meet you guys in person and i wish i can perform a single song with you in the future! keep the ball rollin!god bless both of you! 🙂


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