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It’s funny how we’re in too deep in this life of music. This was something we never really planned to happen. Music just found its way into our lives. It’s that line our church pastor would always say, “in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.”


JW&A 2013

So let me give you an account of how we, my brother –John Walt, and I,  started doing music professionally. Let’s backtrack to 9 years ago (2007).

We had been singing all our lives, and performing at events was something we got to do often. We grew up in a church children’s choir ministry, and then later on, to the adult choir. That’s where we somehow got our first taste of music, and subtle training. One day, a family friend of ours asked us to sing just a few songs at her company’s Christmas party. We were both very young, so we only each had a single song in our repertoire, just like any usual singing kid out there. John Walt (JW) and I each sang one song, and we were paid a thousand pesos each. Every kid knows how big that is! haha In the next year, more opportunities came for us to sing at events and get love gifts for. Till 2009 came.

In April of 2009, another family friend invited us to her daughter’s 18th birthday celebration. That friend is a veteran event planner, bridal couturier, and florist. By that, we would know that the event was nothing short of grand. We attended the debut celebration and offered to do a special number. Just a couple of songs. Little did we know, that the songs we sung were our friend’s favorite songs. She was so happy, she told us to visit her bridal shop in this mall a few days after. Well, we went.

We were in for a surprise. She handed us a large case which had folders in it. Each folder contained details of every event. She told us to list down all the dates and venues for these events, and then she told us we would be performing in all of them. This was in April, and the list went on till January of the next year! Shocked was an understatement to how we felt! It was very overwhelming, but more of terrified of the pressure to deliver what was expected of us. But through those events, word just started to spread. Well, it’s only either you’re good, or bad at what you do. I’m glad we were on the side of the former. But all we did was practice and do our best at every performance. We can’t take credit for things that happen which are out of our control.  We never would’ve gotten anywhere if we weren’t “in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” And the rest is history.


Read more about JW&A below.

John Walt & Axel is a performing duo in the event circuit. They’re both trained in classical and pop music, and theater. Their repertoire consists mostly of jazz standards, classic love songs, and even modern uptempo hits.

They’re also members of the renowned theater group, Repertory of Young Professionals in Theater (or RYPiT).

John Walt & Axel have made a name for themselves in the music and event industry performing to the country’s elite; the Philippines’ biggest names in business and politics.

Over the years, they have shared the stage with popular musicians such as Gabby Concepcion, Juris, Charice, Richard Poon, Daryl Ong, Rex Smith, Kuh Ledesma, among others.

They have also been nominated “Youth of The Year” at ABS-CBN’s annual MagTV Na Viewers’ Choice Awards.

In records, they have voiced numerous company jingles one has probably heard on the radio, such as Parkmall, Castle Peak Hotel, and the hit, Golden Prince Hotel, to name a few.

John Walt & Axel were also a part of the team that created the viral Youtube short film, “Love At First Plite/Pliti.”

Today, John Walt & Axel offers saxophone, violin, vocal, and DJ performances, and even hosting.


JW&A 2013

For booking and/or inquiries, contact us at:


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