KOREA 2015: Inha University & Jung-Seok Memorial Library


On our first morning, the shower heater was having some problems, so we had no choice but to take a bath in freezing water.

I guess, that was the legit “ice bucket challenge” (it was very popular then). But hey, the gigantic (and some twins) strawberries and cereal for breakfast made me warm up quickly!

After breakfast, we toured the campus of Inha University which was just right beside the church complex we were staying at. It was massive with lots of picturesque and quiet spots for studying, chilling, or as what our host pastor would call, “picture point.”

We then made our way to the Jung-Seok Memorial Library. It was a mid-rise building within the campus. I guess, outsiders allowed to go inside the library, but our pastor just simply called up his connections (he’s friends with the chief librarian, some deans, and even some of the board of directors of the university), and so we were allowed in. We went to the 5th floor (I think) section of the library. It was so tiring because we did not take the elevators due to student traffic as it was peak hour, just about lunchtime. We climbed even higher to this administration lounge and viewing deck, where you could see the one-half side of the Inha University campus. It was beautiful up there!


Inside the library


A panoramic shot of Inha University


One-half of Inha University

After getting our shots, we went back to the church complex for lunch. Right after lunch, our choir performed some songs for the students of the church’s Arumdaun School.

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