Korea 2015


I never thought I’d actually be able to visit Korea, ever. It’s a place I am somehow quite uninterested about. The least I can think of. Add to that, the extreme influence of Korean pop culture (not a fan. Well, except for some soap operas) on a lot of Filipinos. Sorry to say this, but because of that, I had actually grown kinda irritated by the idea of anything Korean. Read on to know how that sourness turned to love.

We flew to Incheon, South Korea, on that hot summer night of April 21 via AirAsia (loved the hospitality of the cabin crew on that flight, btw.). Together with me were my whole family, the New Life Sounds Choir and some family members, and a couple of friends from Coro Cantabile Manila, for a musical mission trip.  We got there at around 11:30pm. We were surprised to be greeted by our host pastor, Pastor Yang of Incheon Sungkwang Presbyterian Church and his team, with a large tarp. Way to grab attention in the airport!



It was springtime in Korea, so it was kinda chilly right when we stepped out of the airport. We then made our way to the church dormitory where we would be staying. The complex was just right beside Inha University. Being in the midst of a large university, meant being in the perfect place for cheap food and shopping. The whole stretch right across the complex were hundreds of shops, KTV’s, cafes, restaurants, and street food!

On the next post, check out some of the places we visited in Korea.


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